January 23 2020 lunar eclipse astrology

My Mother never did anything without consulting the Almanac first! She is now 94 and in the nursing home, so I can't ask her.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

Please help me out! I am an RN who takes care of orthopedic patients every work day. My suggestion is to have surgery early in the week Monday or Tues , if possible. Then your hubby can be discharged hopefully prior to the weekend. It is not necessary to consult the moon, just advise him to be an active participant in his care. A word to the wise: walk, walk, walk!

My husband has had both knees done he can climb a ladder with 50 lb bag feed he is a rancher. He can carry large hay bales. He gets on the roof of our house. He had a great Dr. PRAY first tell your husband to do the exercises it may hurt at first but will be worth it. Move move move it heals the body quicker and does not let the knees muscles lock up. Much luck Never have surgery on Friday!! First purchased your wonderful magazine to help my husband fish.

Got hooked on it! Your old magazine lay-out included anonymous quotes that I also used to enjoy. Keep up the good work, but why fix something that isn't broke? One of your biggest fans!! Judy from Milwaukee. Hi, Judy, You have made our day with your lively and generous comment. Thank you very much for your loyalty to this Almanac! The only time this might not appear is on the Calendar Pages because there is so little space. Sometimes proverbs or adages or folklore appears without attribution; that may be what you are thinking about.

I'm 65 years old now buy I remember having a Farmers Almanac in my home as a small child. My parents had farming backgrounds in Oklahoma and forever kept the almanac within their reach. Now sharing this with my own children. Some of the more ''far out'', incredible information I've learned about the moon extends well beyond the quaint folklore about it catching rain or enhancing plant growth. Radio transmissions directly from Apollo were intercepted by an independent Ham operator confirming this encounter. The FAA footage, evidence of this event was pirated from "men in black" who visited the FAA's 2nd in command who was later interviewed by Dr.

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Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project. I am trying to find out what the twin days are for planting butterbeans. Any info appreciated please. Twin days are when the Moon is in the astrological sign of Gemini the Twins. Been reading Old Farmer's Almanac for forty years. Someone nicked my issue so I had to go online! Our sources say that the Algonquin tribe sometimes used this name. The Choctaw used a similar name, "Little Famine Moon. You are all over the news today!

I buy the Almanac at Hennings mkt in PA, and luv your garden calendar with the beautiful art. Main stream media is shocked you rightly called the colder winter and our gov experts did not. Saw an article that said it was dubious back in Aug! Find myself exploring your website and there is so much more!

At the beginning of Feb. I saw an article that showed various moons, one was just the circumference, which I don't believe I have ever seen. Now I cannot find it, is there such a moon?

Sometimes they forget to properly manage the holographic images. We re-checked the images against the current Almanac and they are correct. We're not sure what you might be referencing if you have any more information! Just found this site, And I love it. It helps with things I do.

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MY "Religion" is a big part of the Mother moon. And so much more that you share. Planting my herbs hsve to be planted on certain dsys. Though it was an agricultural society when we started in colonial days, this is not longer the case.

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The Old Farmer's Almanac is for all walks of life and, hence, North America's most popular periodical. Skip to main content. The Full Snow Moon. The ruler of his Aquarius Ascendant is Uranus, which falls in a large stellium in the mid to late degrees of Sagittarius. This large, well-aspected stellium clearly suggests some significant intellectual talents, and in the 10th house, there is a destiny for notoriety or work in the public sphere.

So, why has Farrow not succumbed to the worst of these Sagittarian traits? First, the stellium includes Saturn, a very sobering influence that curbs some of the worst tendencies of Sagittarius by endowing caution and pragmatism.

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A prominent Uranus also can correlate with one who rebels against the norms of his culture and authority in general, and this Uranus is in the 10th house, suggesting a strong motivation to question authority. His Mercury gets a boost of both Uranian and Saturnian energies, which he displays with his very articulate and precise speech that is well seasoned with logic and intelligence. Scorpio is a sign of keen focus and strong courage, and this Mars position gives great determination.

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  6. Pluto in the mix strengthens this resolve and can make for obsessiveness in pursuit of an objective. This large of a stellium five planets and the Midheaven is quite rare, yet even more extraordinary, we find that the four closely clustered planets are also parallel in declination. Recently, astro. The chart contains only one square: that of Venus and Jupiter. In most cases, a chart heavy with trines and having only one square or opposition produces a situation where the person tends to be an underachiever. This happens because they have so many blessings and unearned opportunities early in life that they may not develop a spiritual muscle.

    Often, they find they can get by on their charm and a smile, or they have unrealistic expectations; then, they suffer later in life as a result of their lack of discipline, focus, and realism. His nodal axis closely squares his Sagittarius stellium. Perhaps this is the force that has motivated Farrow to be so effective in expressing his Sagittarian gifts by exposing powerful authority figures and the dysfunctions of our institutions through his exemplary journalism.

    And last but not least, there is an interesting grand trine in fire, if we include Eris—Jupiter in Aries trine the Black Moon—Orcus and his Moon in Sagittarius. See Wikipedia: Ronan Farrow for biographical details. Bio: B. She coordinated a large educational research project at Kent State University in Ohio, and worked as a public school teacher. She began her love affair with astrology at the age of 15, and now devotes her time to learning, practicing, and teaching astrology in between short excursions to her garden.

    No Comments - click to write one Permalink. As we move towards the turning of the year and all of the unfolding planetary storylines, it seems like a good moment to round up some astrological calendars. In the mean time, you can download the first four months of either Eastern or Pacific time for free here. A collaborative effort, there are over articles by different astrologers, with art and poetry accompanying the astrological information. The datebooks are available in spiral binding in English or Spanish, paperback binding, and loose-leafed.

    The datebook is in Pacific Time with all the time zone conversions across the world for easy reference.