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Avoid indulgence of any other person in your relation in the light of the fact that extra affairs can demolish your current relationship. Marital life seems to be in a blissful state where the married couples will be engaged in inventing several ways to court each other. Make efforts to maintain cordial relations with In-Laws as well. They will be your helping hand in hard times.

You will receive gains from government investments and unearned income. Parents will show their financial support in the best way possible. Your career will take a new and positive turn and you tend to collect handsome opportunities in between. This is indeed an excellent time for share market investments. Do not lend money to anyone in this month. Putting resources in real-estate business seem an appealing option in this month.

Students and Children: Students, you should not burn your valuable time on social media and pointless activities instead utilize this time to revise or complete your syllabus. Do not lose hope at any cost no matter how extensive or difficult the syllabus might seem to you.

If you carry out the tasks with dedication and commitment, success will automatically reach your doorstep. Your seniors and friends will be extremely supportive in all your endeavors. You can look upon them for any kind of support or help. Children could face health issues during this month. You will have to arrange the best tutors for your kid so that they get the best of the best guidance.

Family and Health: Your family will look out to spend quality time with you but you on the other hand will be occupied with work, assignments and targets. There are odds of arguments with family members. You need to have a control on your ego and aggression otherwise things will take an unimpressive shape. You ought to arrange get together as an initiative to gather everybody at a common place. This will help you sort out conflicts and issues. Amidst all this chaos, your parents will be at your side and support you at every step.

You will go on a spiritual outing with your mom and dad.

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Try now Urgent - 24 hr Express Service days. Find Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs. Read all about Pisces Horoscope Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel - the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the psychic, and the most sensitive of all. Their intuition is strong, thus Pisces act like a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional undercurrent surrounding them.

Write Your Question Career :. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Zodiac Signs Pisces Decans. Pisces Decans. Pisces Decans Born between February 19 and February 29 The planetary rulers are Jupiter and Neptune in case the individual is born between 19th February and 29th February. The individual born under this Decan shall have fixed purpose and would be stubborn.

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The individual shall have a vision but shall be largely impractical. In the middle and old age, destiny would smile. A Decan of spirituality, tail-spins, sudden power and gains. Those born under this influence are selfless, intuitive and romantic. They have a h5 imagination and would see beauty and poetry in everything. They can sense the mood and emotions of others as they are very intuitive. They are happy to help people and share their burdens.

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