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Darkstar Astrology features a more detailed explanation of the three Liliths, plus a technical definition of Mean and True. Lilith has a colourful history. Rather than submitting to him, she left the Garden and lived in exile. In Sumerian and Jewish mythology, she is associated with female demons. In the natal chart, she represents wild female sexuality and the anger that comes from being denied, rejected or cast out. She is the outsider and the unacceptable sexual presence, a stealth combination of Uranus without the detachment , Pluto without the rebirth with Mars thrown in for good measure.

Perhaps because of her association with darkness, she is not clearly felt in the natal chart unless she makes tight aspects 5 degrees max to natal planets or angles. Some women own their Lilith, using her energy to make themselves heard, no matter how unacceptable their message is.

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Or, wielding their sexual influence in a way that empowers them, no matter how uncomfortable it makes other people. Others are owned by her, becoming consumed by her destructive rage and constantly feeling shut out of where they want to be. All this is dependent on her chart, and the planet, of course. Lilith contacts are sexual, but the results are varied and unpredictable. Or, this connection can be a constant struggle as she kicks against his domination.

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An opposition from his Saturn limits and authority to her Lilith can feel terribly restrictive. While there will be sexual attraction, it may not ever fully manifest, as Saturn blocks her at every turn. Like Eris, psychopaths take the rap for all our inner demons, we can brand someone a psycho and smugly feel good about ourselves.

The Moon is also opposite Varuna and conjunct Asteroid Venetia so there is an aquatic theme also. In the second half of the show I look at the celestial weather for the next two weeks starting from July 10th until July 24th.

NYC Abortion Law & Black Moon Lilith

Marina from Dark star Astrology discusses the weeks astrology forecast. In the fixed star Regulus moves into the constellation Virgo, what does that mean for humanity? What's the big deal? Some say this is the true start of the Age of Aquarius.

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We look at the traits of Regulus as opposed to plain old Leo the star sign and also look at some famous celebs with it strong in their charts. I also look at the astrological indicators of a psychopath. Is it possible to see this in the chart? Music by Purple Kitchens "Peregrine Cat". She talks about the Saros cycles from whence they came explaining why Saros cycles are important in understanding the meaning of eclipses.

She also talks about the coming weeks celestial weather using visual astrology and looking at the important transits through the constellations. They live on their nerves and burn a lot of calories just worrying! Their mind is so white hot you can sometimes see quicksilver flashing behind their eyeballs.

Shiver me timbers!! Prepare to conquer or be conquered! Here is my Virgo rising post with re-vamped illustration. Your Virgo Ascendant fine-tuned using decans. See post for instructions on how to find your rising decan. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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Black Moon Lilith – Summer Thunder

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We have a love-wound healing Mercury retrograde from October 31 to November 21 Mercury stations retrograde conjunct Venus and on the wounded thigh of Centaurus. Chiron as a constellation. Moon square or opposite Pluto subjects have the ability to penetrate to the core of an issue without leaving a trace of themselves. A good example of this is the talk. These killer Barbies are your typical iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes them all the more dangerous. Never, ever, ever underestimate Libra decan Weekly stars for the Sun aligned with the fixed stars of the 10 day decanate Egyptian 'week'.